About us...

"Kelly and Natasha set up NOW is the time for change in 2018 and we would like to welcome you to our services.

We have both dealt with emotional, mental health and physical health problems.

Overcoming these challenges with strength and determination to make changes, to be kinder to ourselves, that ultimately benefited our family's too.

We both have young children that emotionally went through the changes with us and we know the importance of giving them the vital tools to improve their well-being.

We set up the company with the aim to support children / teenagers & adults to improve well-being and teach them the tools and techniques to cope with stress and anxiety, particularly through transitional periods of school and future life's challenges.

Part of our mission includes providing the support for emotional & mental health and well-being for the community with online 1-2-1 coaching. This will reduce waiting times from current services that are inundated and as research shows, causes more stress and anxiety. We are branching out with our community workshops too... we look forward to supporting you..."

What makes our team different?...

All of our coaches on the NOWs team have experienced first hand emotional, mental and or physical health.

We all have a deep understanding of varying emotions and how these can affect us. Through holistic  therapies, coaching and personal growth, we have arrived from places we never thought we would get out of. 

What we have learnt along life's path to date, makes us advocates to the benefits of self healing and positive habit changes that has benefited many and we aim to reach out to change and support many other lives too. 

With our personalised coaching support we provide the tools and support to overcome life challenges as well as recommending holistic therapies to further support you.

We believe that you have a choice, and a chance to change, even the smallest of changes can make such a  big difference! With the right support and accountability, anyone can make a positive improvement to emotional & mental health. 

NOW is the time for change uses coaching methods combined with holistic therapies all backed by science to improve wellbeing!!! 


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