6 Steps to Resilience Family Course

Using a holistic approach, our experienced and qualified life coaches will mentor on a 1-2-1 basis online direct into your home.

Working with the whole family one at a time. 

Working with emotional intelligence and building resilience through challenging times and improving emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Parent / guardian and child courses are available 

Children aged 3 - 19 years can take the course 1-2-1 with our coach / mentor.

Parents receiving support and to have their course running alongside their Children. 

Achieving positive outcomes for the whole family,


  • Anxiety - low level moods, lethargy/fatigue, unmotivated, excessive worrying, ruminating thoughts, low concentration levels, heightened sensitivity to emotions (tearful)

  • Low level behaviours, irritability, attention deficit, frustration, assertive anger

  • Uncertainty, Overwhelm, Feelings of loneliness and needing direction, Procrastination

  • Feeling stressed, tightness in muscles 

  • Low self esteem

  • Lack of confidence 

  • Low self worth 

  • Self blame  

  • Sleep problems  

  • Struggling to function and care for your basic needs 

  • Ready to make changes, accepting responsibility for your actions

​Course benefits 

  • Identifying triggers for anxiety, stress and emotional behaviours 

  • Understanding the emotional responses

  • To keep going through challenging times and have the power not to give up

  • Building on self belief, confidence and family resilience. 

  • Changing behaviours and habits

  • Gaining focus and boosting confidence and self esteem.

  • Learning positive language.

  • Learning wellbeing tools and strategies 

  • Learning tools that will also support chronic conditions and life changing incidents.

  • Tools on balancing out daily roles and responsibilities and creating boundaries.

Recognised and in collaboration with NHS, Virgincare, Community 360 & EWMHS, for Essex based families .

£300 per course covering 6 weeks (1 hour session per week)

All prices are excluding of vat 

CALL FREEPHONE NUMBER 03453 669755 today to enquire

Working in collaboration with NHS, VirginCare, Community 360, EWMHS And Local Authorities

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