School Support 


Supporting the minds of young children aged from 5 - 11 and teenagers 12 - 21 within schools, colleges, universities helping them to become aware of each emotion and mental health, 

Our workshop covers all areas for pupils to be able to take in the information we provide to them through speaking and practical exercises. 

Teaching the tools and techniques to improve their emotional and mental health, to overcome transitional times of life and to prepare for future emotional challenges.

The workshop includes: 

  • Resilience building

  • Self Esteem building 

  • Confidence building

  • Understanding emotions and know its okay not to be okay

  • Learning calming techniques 

  • Identifying core skills 

  • NLP for children, learning choice and cause and effect

  • Positive Intentions and mindset coaching

  • Mindful meditation 

  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques

  • Thai Chi

All within a safe environment and with freedom of choice.  

Investment of £10 per child for upto 30 children 

The workshop lasts 1 hour

Recognised and supported by the NHS Essex CCG's Commissioning collaborative for children and young peoples emotional wellbeing. Also working in collaboration Local Authorities and EWMHS 

Courses for Teachers & Staff Members 

  • Resilience building 6 week course - 1 hour per week 

  • Twilight training dedicated to support and improve their emotional wellbeing

  • Stress Management masterclasses - Improve on Emotional, Mental and Physical stress

Investment of £300 per adult to complete 6 week course ​

All prices are excluding of vat 


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