Meet The Team

Kelly Louise Swain

 Founder and director of national online wellbeing services,/ NOW is the time for change.

I have had a lifetime of emotional, mental and physical conditions 

 In 2016 I hit rock bottom, I was on 5 types of  heavy pain medication and antidepressants, Unable to walk from chronic pain and in a wheelchair.  I wasn't able to function as a person or a  mum to my two beautiful children. 

It was because of my Children that gave me a wake up call to be a better mum and person and to improve my state of mind and to make changes to my emotional, mental health and physical conditions. I didn't want to be on the heavy medication anymore as I could not function.

In 2017 I started to plan my recovery and cut down on the heavy medication, I searched into many holistic therapies of which were more of a positive impact to my recovery in the most natural way, self help books to change my mindset, Reiki therapy, sound therapy, relaxation massage, meditation, emotional freedom technique to release trauma in my mind and body.

They really worked and I started to feel alot better and had the tools to manage chronic pain and challenging times.

I trained and qualified as an NLP practitioner in December 2018 ( NLP creates new pathways in the mind, creates positive habits and behaviours!) my passion is  to coach and mentor clients and children to create new pathways, create positive habits and behaviours, learn positive language, build up self esteem and confidence, create new beliefs, self worth, self values, changing mindsets overcoming fear, phobias and addictions. Overall leading to a positive outcome in both mental and emotional wellbeing. Supporting tools to overcome life's challenges. 

I am qualified Reiki 1,2 & Master level 3, I teach and educate Reiki to families and the community with this alternative therapy.

I am  passionate about supporting emotional and mental health and wellbeing for all ages.

Natasha Ralph

Natasha is a director of National Online Wellbeing Services / t/a NOWs the time for change.


My journey of emotions and events and ultimately life changes began when my husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I went on a mission to take back control of our health and I’ve learnt how to nourish the mind and body and create lasting habit/behaviour change.

8 years on, I am an amazing wife, daughter and friend, step mother to a beautiful young adult and mother to our gorgeous little boy and little girl. I’m truly grateful for everyday and every experience as we thrive towards a happy and healthy life.


I’m passionate about supporting others in their own experiences to discover what’s truly important to you, your truest desires and what’s holding you back. I believe that each of us have the power and inner consciousness to live your best life! Not just an ordinary everyday life.

I help people to change their habits and behaviours to get the results they have not yet been able to achieve and discover the possibilities and choices that will benefit your desires, beliefs & values. By using Mind and Body transformational skills, I will support and empower you to change your habits and fulfil your highest

In 2018 I qualified as a Health and Life Coach and EFT Practitioner, In 2019 i qualified as a Reiki Practitioner level 1 & 2

"Food is medicine & medicine is food"

Debbie McIntee

I have experienced pain, heartbreak, violence and grief. I have felt helpless when one of my children was very ill.

I have been in a place of fear where I was scared to leave my home.

I have in the past lied to my friends and family and covered bruises that I didn’t want the world to see. So I understand.

I am now a happy, independent, inspirational, kind, strong, free woman and it is my life’s experiences, that have made me who I am today. I want to make a difference in everything that I put my heart into.
I am passionate about a number of things  and one being coaching people of
any age who need a little help, guidance, support and love.

I have coached so many people coming from a place of fear, which paralyses them so they are unable to step forward, i have been able to give them the tools and support to overcome their struggles. 

What I believe I bring is positive energy, love, creative fun, inspiration, patience and understanding.

Emily Morris

I’m Emily Morris, a yoga and pilates teacher from Southend-on-Sea. I’ve been teaching for over five years working with many people of different abilities, ages and physical conditions. I teach weekly group adult classes around Essex from beginners to advanced; As well as teaching children within schools all about mindfulness, how to deal with difficult emotions and helping them find ways to feel calm. Each week I work privately with people with disabilities and specific medical conditions exploring ways to release stress, anxiety and teaching relaxation methods along with individual movements designed to heal and maintain health.

I came to yoga over ten years ago when I was feeling stressed with university and felt instantly at home, which led me to realise my path was to teach. I achieved my 200hour Teacher Training at the start of 2014 and haven’t looked back since. After several injuries, I stumbled upon pilates as a means to help me recover, and it worked. Over time, practicing a combination of yoga and pilates my body was healed and strong again. And so I went on to complete a Level 3 in Classical Mat Pilates.

I love what I do and believe yoga and pilates can bring a wealth of benefits to all people. Travel, the arts and learning all about health, wellbeing and culture are among my other passions. I infuse everything I love into my teachings along with knowledge from dozens of trainings I have undertaken over the years to create exciting and unique classes.

Angela Bell

 I would like to share the knowledge that I have gained throughout the past 25 years with regards to poor mental wellbeing.

How important early intervention and awareness is to reducing the high levels of poor mental wellbeing.

what could be triggers of poor mental wellbeing, coping strategies and how a person can improve their
mental wellbeing without the use of prescription drugs.

I am a mother of three children and 2 grandchildren. This has taught me that each person is
unique, not one hat fits all. Self esteem, nurture and encouragement are the key to achievement
and not every person achieves at the same pace. My family and myself experience an
intolerance to dairy and soya. This has provided me with first hand experiences of how the gut
can play a vital role in maintaining a good level of mental wellbeing. I have had experiences with
childhood family bereavement, anorexia, depression, anxiety and how a domestic abusive
relationship can adversely affect a person.

I have just completed my first year of a Psychology and Sociology degree which I have achieved a 2.1.
Previous to this I completed an access course in Psychology and Sociology which is the equivalent to 3. Within these courses I have studied many theories that attempt to explain reasons for poor mental health and wellbeing with possible treatment ideas. I have
conducted two research projects.  I have completed a module in counselling as a way of improving a person’s mental
wellbeing and I have knowledge of how the stress and strains of day to day busy life styles can also contribute to poor mental health. Additionally I have a teaching assistant qualification and have completed many other training opportunities whilst I have been lucky enough to work in the Educational environment of a primary school. These include Autism awareness, ADHD training, paediatric First Aid, Child neglect training and how to team teach a child. 








Charlotte Daly 

I have a passion for helping people which comes from my personal experience with mental health difficulties and as a carer so I understand the importance of mental health awareness. I completed a degree which heavily concentrated on counselling individuals of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, including children, adolescents and adults. This gave me the confidence to be a Dementia friend at the Alzheimer’s society and to progress to becoming a Raising awareness Volunteer. Whilst travelling I was exposed to a number of alternative therapies that I have practiced myself and has encouraged me to have a holistic approach when helping people with their mental health. I later completed a level 3 in integrative counselling skills whilst I co facilitated groups and worked 1:1 with patients in a private rehabilitation clinic providing me with experience in working with a range of mental health difficulties such as PTSD, OCD, Bipolar amongst others. This lead me to complete a postgraduate in Psychological Wellbeing to specialise in guiding people in learning specific techniques to treat common mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. 


Currently, I am a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner for the NHS.

I have been using principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for 5 years which fits well along-side supporting service users with the resilience programme developed by the National Online Wellbeing Service. I hope to use my experience to influence both adults and children to better manage mental health, which I believe we all need to be mindful of.


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