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Kelly & Tasha came into our lives at a very low time for all of us, I was at the point I did not know what else I could do to help my son. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain! My son who is 9 was struggling with depression and anxiety and was finding life in general extremely hard, with the help from both of these wonderful ladies and the rest of the team they have managed to help my son through his depression and anxiety and have given us all the tools to help us through tough times, they have been great and I don’t think any of my family would be where we are today without the help and guidance from them all. They are amazing and thoughtful people and my son has got a strong bond with them. I would personally recommend to anyone who feels the need for some alternative options available. I can successfully say my son is now off meds and is looking forward to a bright future! We gained so much from you all! Thank you all so very much xx

Michelle Cox

My business has now been engaged with Kelly and her team for some months now where we are all trying to support and develop the vital coaching Kelly and her team deliver.

I believe this coaching is not just needed but is a necessity for people in general regardless of age, race or colour.

I can speak for the power of this coaching personally, I myself am a recovering cocaine addict and have tried multiple avenues in which to become clean both government funded and private and can honestly say I usually felt worse after these sessions or meetings and almost always used either straight after or relatively soon after leaving them.

Kelly and her team have something about them which is different and drives you as an individual to become a better, and in my case, a clean person again. 

My business is 100% committed to working in partnership with Kelly and her team in whatever capacity required to make these centres happen. First locally and then as I see it nationally and possibly internationally.

Lee Webster

Now then, where do I start....Back end of last year I finally decided to do something about things I hated the most about me. I was fed up with feeling tired, having little energy, feeling fed up, grumpy and occasionally unbearable. My self confidence was low, and my self worth wasn’t much better, and no matter what I seemed to do, I couldn’t fix it.

Over Christmas, and after the seasonally binge on cheese and beer, I decided after chatting with Rufus and others close to me to make some changes.

I contacted Natasha Ralph and Kelly Louise Swain, now these fantastic ladies are not only friends, but also the front of an amazing wellness company called Nows the Time for Change. The aim was to help me on two fronts. Firstly my head. I’m the first one to say, I am my own worst enemy, and this needed fixing. This is where Kelly came in.

I have been having some NLP sessions with Kelly, which in a nut shell is helping me with the issues I have with me, and putting things in a different perspective, and with a positive spin. Now I’m only a few sessions in, and the techniques and tools I have now have really helped, and I use these on a daily basis.

Secondly, my gut, which in my opinion and especially now really interlinked to the issues in my head. This is where Tash comes in. I met with Tash early Jan, and discussed what I wanted to do. Essentially I wanted to fix the things with me which I hated, my weight, my well-being, and my wellness. These three things were key to getting me back to being me, and being the husband, dad, and friend I want to be.

We talked at length about where I wanted to end up at the end of my journey, and Tash came up with a plan. It was all about stripping my insides back to basics, which meant a full on detox. This was going to be tough. I lived on coffee and convenience food, and would always eat really late, and snack on the wrong kinds of food. Week one was a full cleanse of my gut - I went full on Vegan. No dairy, no meat, no sugars, no wheat, no gluten, no Fun. After 3 days I had a crisis of faith, and nearly quit, I didn’t, but that was only down to the support of Tash and Lucy. Over the coming weeks I introduced certain foods back into my diet to see how my body reacted. I’ve got loads of insight into how certain foods made me feel, both physically and emotionally, which has amazed me. I’m now at the end of my journey with Tash, but it’s just the start for me, as I’ll continue using the tools and knowledge I have built up and developed over the past 6 weeks.

Now, for the how I feel today part. Honestly, I feel great, energy levels have never been better, weight is coming off, I am sleeping like a baby again, and I’m happy. I’ve got a long way to go to get to where I want to be in terms of my weight, but I’m on the right path.

Now I’m not saying I’m not going to drink again, or have something naughty to eat, but what I will say is, I won’t punish myself for doing this, and I know what to expect when I do. I’m proud of myself for how far I have come in such a short space of time. I couldn’t have done this without the love and support of Lucy and our minis, those close to me, and of course the dream team of Tash and Kelly.

Thank you

James Fance

Tasha is so easy to talk to and brings the best out in people. She makes you feel inspired that YOU CAN DO IT! She is encouraging, supportive and positive and makes you feel that anything is possible. After each session I had with Tasha I always came away feeling amazing! Would highly recommend Tasha, she’s an absolute star

Michelle Payne

I had my first experience of reiki with Tash, and loved every minute! Tash gives of a wonderful wave of energy and calm and is simply the loveliest person to be around. She explained what we were going to do in the session and completely helps you to relax and clear the mind. I would definitely recommend a session with Tash and will for sure be back for more. Thank you

Chamille Lyster Harris

Tash is absolutely amazing! She has this energy about her like no one I’ve ever met! I had 6 sessions with Tash and I feel like I’ve come so far ☺️ I would highly recommend her; you won’t regret it!

Hayley Caine

I would fully recommend Tash , she is a great listener and keeps you accountable throughout her whole programme. You don’t realise she is doing so until you find yourself actually following the path you have spoken about . One hour covers so much , she gave me support and guidance which gave me a great framework to achieve my personal goals . For once I put my goals into practice and made them happen . 
After each session I felt slightly lighter and could approach my week ahead with a positive head on my shoulders . I look back at how far I have come and could not of achieved what I have mentally or physically without Tash and 100% would recommend. You have nothing to loose only something to gain


I started my coaching sessions with Kelly in February this year . I suffer from Anxiety Disorder had tried counselling and wanted to try something different. I connected with Kelly straight away she is easy to speak to and instantly makes you feel at ease.
Kelly has taught me to believe in myself and look at life in a different way. My anxiety is a lot better and I’m a lot calmer and more positive. Kelly has taught me the skills to be able to control my moods. I would highly recommended National Online Well-being services to anyone needing a bit of help with life

Michael Schulz


“Kelly is an amazingly heart-centred and intuitive coach who brings in a wealth of personal experience and empathy into her teaching. The passions she shows for lifting others and the ability she has to connect with like-minded people means that her projects will be a great success benefiting not only her but future generations to come. 

It’s been a pleasure to guide her through the gaining of her NLP qualifications and to be involved in supporting the projects and her goals both now and in the future.

Andy Coley

I just wanted to write a short note regarding Kelly Swain & the treatment I have been receiving from her.

I have been suffering from chronic pain along with long term depression & anxiety. I have been on medication for these conditions for a long time, but with the more recent onset of the chronic pain I needed to find something alternative to help me, as the conventional medication was simply not effective enough.

I will also admit to being something of a sceptic in regards to alternative or complementary medicine going in, but I had tried many other options with no success. After speaking with Kelly about her own journey I decided to see her & find out if they could help me also.

I have admittedly only just started on my healing journey with Kelly but I have already noticed a huge improvement on my health. From the very first session I realised that the techniques Kelly utilises are particularly fantastic for my anxiety. Just her positive & uplifting attitude is in itself an amazing tool. So much of dealing with a long term illness is coping with negativity & bleak outlooks. But Kelly has an unerring ability to be able to turn this around, & make you look at things completely differently. Going into my second session I was in a fairly bad emotional state but afterwards I felt literally like a weight had been lifted from me.

I am still in the early stages of the process as I said, & I am working at translating the treatments into my everyday life which will increase the benefits even further. But, even after a short time, I cannot recommend the techniques, processes & of course Kelly herself, highly enough. The fact she has already made such a huge difference to me is incredible & I cannot wait to see how I progress as I continue on this journey with Kelly

Lenny L

When I reached out to Kelly for help in January 2019 I was in a very different place to where I am now . 
I was a downtrodden single mother of three who was holding onto trauma caused by the breakdown of my marriage. 
I was unable to enjoy a new relationship because of a fear of being hurt. 
I didn’t like myself at all and had no confidence. 
I was crying most days and started to have random panic attacks . 
My home wasn’t happy as I was snappy and highly strung most of the time . 
Our weekly sometimes twice weekly sessions consist of meditation, advice on crystals , incense and essential oils. Reiki, Angel card readings and NLP coaching . 
Today I’m in a very different place. 
I’m happy ! Happy in a new relationship. 
Happy to have finally been able to let go of any bad feeling or animosity caused by my ex husband both in our marriage and since the break up. 
I make time for myself helping me to love myself more . 
I’m confident and positive. 
I smile more than I cry 
My home is happy and my kids are too . 
I can’t recommend Kelly’s services enough 
She is an amazingly supportive mentor

Amy Philips


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